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Tasmanian Budget 2012 update

Land tax 'shack' exemption abolished and Tasmanian trainee and apprentice incentive scheme cessation.

1. Land tax 'shack' exemption abolished

An exemption from land tax was available for the 2011 income year for certain holiday homes, known as the ‘shack exemption’. To obtain this concession, an application had to be made online through the State Revenue Office website.

From 1 July 2011, this concession has been abolished. The State Revenue Office will reclassify the property that was previously granted an exemption and land tax bills will be issued between 1 October 2011 and 30 March 2012.

Further information is available on the State Revenue Office website:

2. Tasmanian trainee & apprentice incentive scheme cessation

Previously the Tasmanian Trainee & Apprentice Incentive Scheme (‘TTAIS’) provided a payroll tax rebate for trainees and apprentices, however this scheme ended on 30 June 2011, though retrospective claims may still be made for tax paid up to 30 June 2011.

If you wish to make a retrospective claim, an Application Form is available on the State Revenue Office website:

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