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Burnie Challenge - Mud Run

On arrival at Hellyer College they joined a sea of approximiately 1,100 fellow competitors. After stripping down to their Lycra (or shorts and t-shirts for some) they faced a 40 minute wait for their group of 100 to begin the course. Team Ruddicks were the fifth group to start and faced the starting gun just as the first competitors finished the course.

After the starters gun went off they ran down the hill to the first obstable, being a mud crawl under criss crossed ropes, after which Emma VD and Alex streaked ahead, whilst Damien, Scott, Sam, Josh and Lyndal plodded along at a more sedate pace. Over the course of the next hour and a half they faced a mixture of obstacles such as hill runs, bush runs, crawling in mud under rope or net, wall climbs, rope climbs, crawling through pipes, running through tyres, rivers, bog pits, swamps and the like.

Some of the more memorable moments include Scott getting a boost over a 6ft wall off Sam's head, Damien getting a boost off Lyndal's forehead whilst crawling uphill underneath a net, Scott losing his footing and slipping down the cliff (fortunately he retained his grip, and with some help from the rest of the team he got back up), Josh pushing both Scott and Damien through a pipe and Josh scaling a 2 metre (or higher) wall all by his self after assisting the rest of the team over the wall.

As you can see below, Team Ruddicks had a blast (and are certainly not scared of a little mud!) .

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