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Sponsorship - Light a Candle

Ruddicks are supporting Act for Kids this Christmas by providing sponsorship for the release of the single ‘Light a Candle’.

Remember ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’? I’m sure you don’t need too much of a memory nudge to recall how big this song was, when released in 1984. As a fundraising single it raised millions for famine in Africa and sold over 3.8 million units worldwide.

Well –Tasmania has its own version ‘Light a Candle’ released in late November 2020. This charity music single has proudly partnered Jam Mountain Music with Act for Kids, a fast-growing charity in Australia that supports children in difficult situations, whether it be neglect or direct abuse, the need for counselling or in some cases intervention.

As a collective, we anticipate this Christmas to be particularly difficult for Australian Families and feel this fundraising project will be sorely needed. We are hoping for as much media support as possible to drive the donations, which will be in the form of a song purchase.

As a platinum supporter of this project, Ruddicks have purchased lots of these CDs which feature a great cast of local musicians – please grab your complimentary one from our reception.

All profits from the fundraiser will go directly to the Charity Act for Kids this Christmas.

You can see the official music video here.

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