Risk Management

Experience and proactivity are essential in strong risk management. Our services include:

  • Structuring your financial affairs to maximise protection for your business and personal assets;
  • Explaining the various types of insurance applicable to business and individuals;
  • Advising on buy/sell agreements, shareholders'/unitholders' agreements and ownership options for insurance for business co-owners;
  • Liasing with solicitors and other professionals where appropriate.

Ruddicks is not licensed to provide financial product advice, as defined by the Corporations Act, this includes advice in relation to superannuation and insurance.  We can work with your existing AFS licensed financial advisor in relation to financial products or, where you do not have a current licensed advisor we can provide recommendations based on your requirements.  Taxation is only one of the matters you need to consider when making a decision on a financial product.

Please note we do not receive commissions from any referrals that we make.




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