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Ruddicks response to Coronavirus

Ruddicks response to Coronavirus

Ruddicks response to Coronavirus

Covid-19 and the initiatives to mitigate the spread of the virus has resulted in an extraordinary set of circumstances which all communities must deal with.

As a firm we have had to:

  • Bring in measures to ensure we are complying with health and safety requirements dictated by both State and Federal governments.
  • Enhance our technology so as we can continue to operate in this changed environment.
  • Keep the entire firm abreast of all the incentives that have been enacted at all levels of Government.

In this regard our offices will remain open and manned for as long as our circumstances and Government policy allows us to do so.

However we recognise the social distancing recommendations that are necessary to ensure we are part of the solution to containing this virus. Therefore should you wish to meet with us in our offices we will ensure all necessary protocols of social distancing are complied with.

Alternatively we have enhanced our use of teleconferencing both audio and visual should you consider this a more appropriate method of interaction.

We have comprehensively examined the incentives put in place by Federal and State Governments and ensured all professional staff are soundly across these incentives and are capable of providing detailed advice as it may relate to you personally or your business activities. We have developed an ‘info hub’ to explain the initiatives undertaken by Government. We will update this hub on a daily basis.

We remain readily available to provide you with pro-active and practical advice on these matters and other business or personal concerns you may have.

We wish all our clients best health during this period of uncertainty and thank you for your continued support.

The partners and staff of Ruddicks

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