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"We would highly recommend Ruddicks to any business or individual who requires an extremely professional, expert, friendly and supportive accountancy firm."
Tony & Cheryl Cresswell - Directors
Cresswell's Transport Pty Ltd
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Ruddicks is the home for many of Tasmania's biggest success stories

Our broad talent pool allows us to achieve success beyond our size without losing the qualities of being responsive and accessible. We answer client queries on the same workday and if one of our team doesn't know the answer, we can refer to our team of experts to find the right advice quickly.

We're also focused on building long-term and stable relationships of care. This attitude fosters low staff turnover which in turn means our clients don't have to keep getting to know new people.

Our growth over the years has been phenomenal. Bob Ruddick started the firm in 1986, after serving three years as a partner in one of the large international accounting firms. He felt there was an opportunity in the market for a quality accounting firm that could work alongside clients and provide an intensive yet cost-effective whole-of-business advisory service.

The hunger for innovation remains as does our sincere desire to put all of our clients in the best position possible within their individual situation. We pride ourselves on being responsive, stable and accessible. We are Ruddicks, partners to rely on.

Philosophy and Values

Our brand isn't just an outward promise, it sits at the very core of who we are and act as the foundations upon which we maintain our integrity.

Relationship Built with Care

Our clients vary through stages of life from startup, to the peak of success and into the magic years of retirement. We’re dedicated to providing a workplace that retains staff for the long-term so we can build a relationship to care for your business as if it were our own.

Punching Above our Weight

Ruddicks was founded on a desire to do things better. We’ve a culture of constant improvement, a spark that ignites when challenges arise and a team that have all the talents and practical experience to deliver the best solution. We’re small enough to relate but large enough to feed success.

A Focus on Purpose

We have high standards but won’t get caught up in detail when it isn’t required, efficiently using time to deliver to the client’s specific needs. We appreciate not being weighed down by the bureaucratic overheads of the larger firms giving us the agility to achieve outcomes quickly.

Integrity and Professionalism

We know that our clients rely on us to provide advice that puts them in the best position possible. Our staff are recruited not just for their skill but for their commitments to ethical behaviour. In short, we treat every client as we’d want to be treated.

The Strengths of a Team

Over the years we’ve assembled a team of diverse achievers. Individually they’re dynamic, as a team they’re dynamite. We do our work to the highest standard and if we don’t have the expertise in house, we refer to another expert in whom we’d trust with our own affairs.

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