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ATO increasing direct electronic interactions with taxpayers

Over the last few years, the ATO has escalated its direct communication with taxpayers through various electronic means, such as through MyGov, emails and mobile text messages. Increasingly, the ATO is relying on these digital communication channels to issue reminders, follow up outstanding debt and obligations and deliver various forms and notices.

The shift away from paper communication by the ATO has many implications, and while there are significant advantages, it does mean that some messages are sent to our clients directly, bypassing us. If you have any questions about any digital correspondence from the ATO, please contact your Ruddicks adviser and we will be able to assist you.

There is a risk of fraudulent messages being mistaken for genuine ATO correspondence. We recommend that you do not click on any links contained within digital messages. If you receive any communication purporting to be from the ATO that requires action or payment from you that is unexpected or the authenticity of which you doubt, please contact us and we will be able to clarify the issue for you.

Our access to the Tax Agent Portal allows us to quickly check a number of items for you and your related entities, including:

  • Amounts of any tax owed to the ATO;
  • Details of payments credited by the ATO to your accounts;
  • HECS/HELP account balance;
  • Outstanding lodgement obligations;
  • Past lodged activity statements;
  • Addresses held by the ATO for you;
  • Lodgement due dates.

With the ATO currently rolling out new pilot programs relying on increased use of mobile text messaging, we encourage you to discuss any queries you might have about such messages with your Ruddicks adviser and to exercise care when dealing with digital correspondence purporting to be from any Government agency.

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