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Changes to the Business Name Register

From 28 May 2012, a new online national business name register managed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) replaced the state and territory registers.

What happens to the business names registered in a state or territory?

For business name owners who had a business name registered in a state or territory, their existing registration automatically transferred to the national business names register. The registration period also transferred and ASIC will contact the Business name owners when it is time to renew their business name.

Need to register a new business name with ASIC?

You will now need to apply to ASIC to register a new business name. Registration applications are to be done entirely online at To apply, the business name owner will need to create an ASIC Connect account and must provide certain information including:

  • the ABN of the proposed business name holder;
  • the proposed business name;
  • the preferred registration period (1 or 3 years);
  • the 'business name holder' and their details;
  • a street address for the principal place of business;
  • a street address for service of documents from ASIC.

Your Ruddicks adviser can assist you with registering business names with ASIC.

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