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Ruddicks Client Portal

At Ruddicks we are excited to announce the roll out of our new Client Portal. It is a service that is available for free to any clients who would like to take advantage of it.

What is a Client Portal?

It is a private website which allows two-way sharing of information and files between Ruddicks and the clients participating in this service. Clients are also able to electronically sign documents via the Portal functionality. Each client is able to access only their particular account on the private website.

What are the benefits of a Client Portal?

Ease of access

The Client Portal allows you to access and electronically sign the documents uploaded to the Portal at any time, from wherever you are, and from multiple devices. There are even Apple and Google apps available to access the portal that allows you even more flexibility and ease in reviewing and signing documents… which means that you could be sitting back on a beach on holiday and sign off on your income tax return on your smartphone or tablet!

No more sending files by email or on CDs or USBs!

You can upload documents, files and information direct to your private account on the Portal and as a result it replaces the need for you to deliver your accounting software files and documents via email or USB, or keep your file sizes below pesky email limits.

Convenience & efficiency

We are able to store historical copies of your financial statements and income tax returns on the Portal which can be accessed by you at any time. So if your bank asks for the last two years of tax returns, you can easily download these and forward them at your convenience!

Are my documents safe?

The Client Portal software has been designed and developed by Reckon-APS (an Australian listed public company) using bank-level AES-256 bit encryption which is secure and in full compliance with data protection laws.

Files are stored on secure servers in the UK in an environment that ensures only the authorised, intended recipients are able to gain access to the information. There is multi-layer security and multiple firewalls in place which provide top-level protection to all data stored on the Portal.

How do I access the Client Portal?

If you are interested in taking advantage of our Client Portal, please contact your Ruddicks adviser and we will arrange for a login email to be sent to you. All you will need to do is set up a unique password, accept the terms and conditions, and you will have ready access to the Client Portal.

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