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Ruddicks staff lend a hand

On the 26 of June 2018, two of our staff members Georgie Nas and Luke Scott made their way to Self Help Workplace in Youngtown to assist them in bundling kindling and creating beehive lids.

Donna Bain who is the General Manager for Self Help Workplace said it was a absolute delight to have them on site and is thankful for the generous support given by Ruddicks.

Self Help Workplace provide a wide range of services including manufacture and supply of wooden products, they also provide a corporate catering service to local businesses and they operate Encore Clothing which is a premier second hand clothing outlet. Self Help Workplace is the largest employer of people with a disablility in the greater Launceston area, they are a not for profit organisation which is partially government funded but majority of their operating costs are raised through the services they provide. If you would like to find out more information or donate to Self Help Workplace, please click here.

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